01 December 2009

We Have Liftoff!

I know I briefly mentioned a while ago that Heather and I were keeping ourselves pretty occupied, working out this new magazine.  And I have to admit, I kept it somewhat quiet.  I'm not sure if that was out of a fear of failure, or the element of surprise, or what.  At first I really wasn't sure about the direction we were headed, or how much interest there would be from the community at large.  But suddenly over the last few weeks, as we worked so hard to put it together, I began to realize just how much I wanted it to happen.  Which is a good feeling.  The last 24 hours have been really rough, and I feel fortunate to have Jesse who has brought me coffee, kid-wrangled, and just generally been really supportive while I have sat on the couch (recovering from a virus) with my laptop burning a hole in my pants for the better part of the last week.  He didn't even make too many snide comments on the filthy floors or lack of fresh food in the home.  And I don't think he pointed out how desperately I needed to shower until late last night.  I really couldn't even blame him.  No joke, I felt like Pigsty, with a little cloud of fumes around me.

There are always lots of last-minute issues that crop up, and our final day was no exception.  When midnight hit, I suddenly felt like nothing had been accomplished because there was so much left to do still.  I kept working through Miles awakening several times, nursing him back to sleep.  But at 2am he just wouldn't go back down, so from 2am to 5am or so, he was up with me working.  Heather and I shared a few laughs over how delirious we were, IMing each other at 4 in the morning.

I think it all was worth it in the end.  I've swept the floors downstairs, I'm looking forward to a full night of sleep tonight, and I can't wait to see what the future holds.