25 November 2009

chirp chirp*

*in case you weren't certain, that is the sound of the crickets chirping on my blog these days.  i'm not gone, just...quiet...for a moment.  been feeling somewhat under the weather, and looking at my health.  spurred on somewhat by a possible MS diagnosis.  which i'm not taking as a big deal, more as an opportunity to explore how i might behave more healthfully in order to prevent/slow the possible progress of the possibility, as it were.  i guess my posting slowed down a lot with my last flare-up of optic neuritis in my left eye, which is what finally sent me to the neurologist in the first place, and led to the whole cascade of slightly concerning neurological exam and the bit of foggy spot on my brain.  after reeling for a bit, i did get a lot of support, which led to my understanding that even 'you have MS' hardly means anything for certain, but the one thing that is certain is that i need to feel better.  anyway, the longer i stay away from here, the harder it is to come back, so i had to post something.

 love and light, b