13 December 2009

In Praise of Intuition

I had just settled down to take a deep breath after the magazine went live.  I was looking forward to a little more calm around the house, moving back into our rhythm and beginning to enjoy the unfolding winter.  Then Zoe fell off the couch.  I watched the last half of the fall, and my mind registered that something was wrong with her elbow even as I was watching her head hit the wood floor.  A gasp from her, and then the crying began.  It was early evening, and she hadn't napped, and I questioned whether she was just overtired and not terribly injured.  But as the crying continued, and she refused to even move her elbow, I began to feel that the injury was worse than just a simple bruise.  After some time, I called Jesse and asked him to meet me at home so we could drive together to urgent care.  

Once we arrived, Zoe was still in obvious pain, and very tearful.  The swelling was impressive.  But even still she was charming everyone there, and so brave.  She had three pictures of her bones - very exciting!  And both the doctor and the radiologist confirmed that there was no break.  Just a bruise.  On the way out the receptionist warned her not to jump on the couch again.  She replied that she would jump on the couch, but promised to be more careful, and stay in the middle.

That night she woke many times and required pain relief.  She missed school on Wednesday because she simply couldn't use her arm nor could we risk having it bumped by her classmate.  I called to make an appointment with her pediatrician, then cancelled it because I didn't want to be *that* mom.  Then I rescheduled.  The doctor looked at the xrays and didn't see a break, but agreed that the swelling and loss of motion was concerning.  Her concern was a ruptured tendon.  So she referred us to an orthopedist at Children's Hospital, where we managed to get in the next day.  So three days after the initial injury, she was finally diagnosed with a fracture and quickly casted up in fluorescent pink (her choice, of course.)

So chalk one up for intuition, and that little voice in your head telling you to go further.  And kudos too to the wonderful staff at Children's and the man who casted Zoe and gave her a Candyland game because she was so exceptionally sweet.  And many thanks also to the color pink, which along with an organic lollipop, makes everything much better.