19 October 2009

Colorado Mother of Two Missing Amid Tinkerbell Pattern

Authorities in Colorado are searching for a mother missing in her sewing studio.  Family members report that the 31 year old woman was last seen flinging tissue pattern pieces about in frustration.

"When my daughter picked out the pattern, I could tell that my wife wasn't thrilled," said her husband, in an interview on Sunday night.  "I was concerned when she didn't come down for breakfast.  If only I'd seen the warning signs."

"Tinkerbell is my favorite," says 3 year old Zoe. 

Please contact local authorities if you have any idea of the whereabouts of the missing woman.

"My heart goes out to the family," says her babysitter. "I would hate to see Zoe forced to wear a ghost costume this year."


Suzanne said...

hahahahah! Good luck - I'm sure she'll be the cutest Tinkerbell the world has ever seen.

Heather said...

Hey, Elwood wants to be a Ghost! I can't wait to see this costume. This sounds like it will be good

Adriana said...

LOL! It takes a lot to defeat you with a pattern!

terri said...

Tinkerbell is my favorite too! Good luck!

Noell said...

LOL! Since seeing that pattern I hear ya! Just improvise...she'll be a cute Tinkerbell no matter what!

MU said...

Oh No I suggest we call the sewing police.
Love, Mum

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