03 November 2009

Sometimes a lot, sometimes a little...

...and right now, it is quite a lot.

Today I had begun a post that was heavy in its tone.  A self-indulgent retrospective look at my health and happiness and how it has somehow all led to the place I find myself in now.  But I think I will save those words for another day, and in this moment choose to focus on the elements in my life that bring me joy.

We have had a very special Halloween weekend.  By Halloween, I do intend to be inclusive of all of the different celebrations which occur around this time.  Although, I confess to be largely ignorant to much of the history behind Reformation Day (the power behind its resurgence appears to be a foil to Halloween celebrations, no?)  So to clarify, I suppose that particular holiday was not part of our festivities.

Zoe was given several opportunities to honor the changing seasons and the fun holiday altogether.  At both her school and another local Waldorf school, she participated in traditional Waldorf Halloween journeys.  The larger of the two celebrations was an experience I hope to repeat for many years to come.  I had never seen such an elaborate event as the one at Shining Mountain Waldorf School.  Unfortunately they do not allow photography during the journey, but trust me when I say it was a truly magical labor of love.

Zoe's teacher also held a very sweet simple Halloween journey.  The joy for me was that I was able to participate.  Zoe's teacher had me learn a few little rhymes and assist with the short vignettes.  It certainly gave me a deeper glimpse into Waldorf.  I have no idea what the future of Zoe's educational journey will be - maybe Waldorf will only be a brief element.  But I do know that it is such a good fit for her right now.  It is good for me as well; it speaks to a state of mind I wish to embrace just a little more closely.  I guess in that sense it is inspirational, and motivates me toward a spirit of progress.

I imagine I promised at least one photo of Zoe's finished costume.  I did ultimately make some sense of the intentions of the pattern, and was somewhat successful in completing it.  I say somewhat, because the costume did sacrifice my walking foot (quite broken) and is going to necessitate me taking the machine in for repair (I hit some pipe cleaner with my needle when sewing the wings, and threw off the timing.)  Was it worth it?  I think I'm supposed to say YES! I would do anything for my kids!  And of course I would, really, but next time "anything" might be just a cape or a sheet with eye-holes cut in it.

The sash is askew in this photo, but it gives a general idea.

Miles was a little wary of the treating process but he caught on rather quickly and, in fact, so well that he began to approach anyone he saw on the street, begging for candy.  Never mind if our group had paused.  Miles charged on ahead with his paper bag right up to the next porch.

Ahh, my dear children and their shenanigans.

Moving on, I do have one last thing to share.  It's a little project I have been working on with Heather  for some time now.  We're so excited to spread the word that Rhythm of the Home is nearing its first publication date.  You can read more about the magazine in Heather's post here.

I think that's all for this afternoon.  The natives are getting restless.


terri said...

I hope I get to see Zoe's school when I visit. I looked at Heather's blog. Am looking forward to seeing your magazine. I didn't know you were doing this. So exciting!

renee ~ heirloom seasons said...

Hello Bernadette, I came over to visit from Heather's blog.. I am very excited about this wonderful magazine the two of you have created!

I have enjoyed looking through some of your sewing projects too. If you are really brave I have instructions on how to adjust the timing on your sewing machine. Whenever I sew a lot of knit fabric, which is only when I am making dolls, I end up needing my husband to adjust the timing.

SugarMama said...

Renee, thank you so much for the suggestion about adjusting my own timing. I will head on over and see how brave I really am. :)

Mum said...

I just love the work you did on Zoe;s costume. I am sure she was he best dressed trick or treater in your neighborhood. I love the picture of Miles with the gigantic sack. he was being very hopeful to get that filled. Thanks for sharing your beautiful sewing and your beautiful family.

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