02 April 2009

Good Day

Despite all of us being sick, today was a good day. Art, music, a little time in the sunshine, some sewing...even a touch of cleaning.

Fortunately for us, there are other really organized good mamas out there who are blogging to generously share their ideas with those of us who are desperate to entertain our art-hungry toddlers. This bloggy mama has daily ideas for crafts and activities to keep preschoolers busy. I really appreciate that most of them use things that I truly have around the house. The crafts are really easy to throw together in a quick moment, which is important in my household.

This was a recent creation, which Zoe decided to give to her therapist Stephanie, upon finishing it. Hopefully Stephanie won't mind taking home kid's art made out of half of a Chipotle bag.

Today's was supposed to be one thing but turned into another. Zoe and I talked a little about Miles being in the hospital last month. She said it was really scary. I told her she could paint a picture about it and she painted this. I asked her to tell me about the picture and she said "Miles was so scared, it filled me up."

Here are the pants finally finished. As I might have mentioned, I'd heard around that they run really snug in the hips so I used some fairly obnoxious fabric I had in a box under our bed for years. I think I got it on clearance to make scrubs for Heather and I to wear to births and then decided that no baby would want to come out and see those in the first few hours of life.

I did have to let the hips out just a bit - basically just made the seam allowance 1/4 instead of 1/2 inch for the top 6 inches of the pants or so. Easy peasy. Otherwise they were a really great fit and SO simple. I don't know why I waited so long to make them.

And just some Miles.

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Heather said...

Be, those pants are AMAZING. I love the fabric that you used, but I do have to second the idea that scrubs from it would have been a crazy sight for those newborn eyes :). SZe's art just blows my mind, or more, her thoughts behind the art. I look forward to seeing more of those two artistic babes, and their mama too :)

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