31 March 2009

Unwelcome Guest

Miles woke up yesterday with a cold, Zoe this morning. I have taken the more gradual onset route. This afternoon we did get out to craniosacral therapy which hopefully will help to get things moving along. Even as I type I can hear the coughing from both bedrooms, however, so it may prove to be another long night. Additionally Jesse has been plagued by the annoying threat of some worm at work so we're all dealing with unwelcome visitors at this time.

Being so tired on Sunday I failed to post all of the aquarium photos so I'll just share a few more.

This tank has always been one of my favorites at the aquarium. It is round and viewable from all angles.

Fun view through the tank to the family on the other side.

Last night I made a mock-up of Zoe's Ruffle Pants. I'd heard some rumors about the pattern being somewhat snug through the hips so I picked some older fabric I found on clearance somewhere years ago. It's actually pretty cute made up into pants. I did have to let the hip out a bit. Hopefully tomorrow I'll have a bit of time to add the ruffle and waistband. Pants are addictively easy. My poor children have no idea what they're in for, I'm afraid.

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Heather said...

Ugh, another cold! Your poor thing. PLease give the babes a hug from me.
I cant wait to see the pants. Oh, if only boys could wear ruffles.

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