29 March 2009

Busy Weekend

After pulling all of the photos off of the camera just now, I realize that we had a busy weekend. Not just for what was there, but for what was not as well. Miss Mia had a birthday party on Saturday, and the camera battery was dead. And this morning the kids and I went to Gymboree Play & Music for the first time, but I didn't have a chance to take any pictures. Gymboree was fabulous. Both children enjoyed the class immensely. Zoe warmed up within a few minutes and really had few sensory issues throughout the class. Of course we experienced the usual post-sensory-overload meltdown, but we're used to that. She did such a great job playing and interacting with other children, even with all the noise and activity. Miles LOVED everything about it. I did notice that he had a few of his spasm episodes today so I'm glad that we have another appointment with the craniosacral therapist on Tuesday. But I digress. Back to the subject - I think Gymboree is in our future.

Moving on, you might recall that just a few days ago we had a blizzard. Jesse and Zoe made a pretty sizable snowperson, which was a real treat for Zoe. It has been such a dry winter that she has just not had much of an opportunity to play in the snow.

Today we had the chance to meet some friends for dinner in Denver, so we opted to make an afternoon of it. After Jesse got back from a mediocre morning of skiing (30 inches of snow at Loveland doesn't always mean epic skiing, unfortunately) we headed down to the Downtown Aquarium with everyone else in Denver. Or at least half of them. Now, the aquarium is not the easiest place to take great photographs. Most of them turn out like this.

Or maybe that's just my problem.

Zoe really enjoyed the ducks.

Sometimes she was a little afraid of the big fish and the darker rooms. Who could blame her? The sharks are pretty frightening. I've always hated the way their eyes look so ruthless.

She perked up quite a bit in the tropical area, especially when confronted with a bridge.

Miles shocked us by demonstrating his knowledge of the sign for fish. Which he then signed over, and over, and over again. He was so proud, as were we.

The tiger was out, and very close to viewing area. As I was snapping photos through the scratched glass, I was so intent upon my task that I failed to even notice the second tiger. He was a fun discovery in this shot. Zoe really enjoyed the tigers and had the balloon artist make a tiger on a stick for her. Apparently ladybugs are SO last weekend.

One of the most inspired moments of the afternoon was Zoe's dance outside afterward. She is so vibrant and joyful when she dances to music.

I have a new pants pattern for Zoe that I am looking forward to trying soon. Cross your fingers for simultaneous long naps this week!!!

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MUM said...

Love the pictures of Miles signing and the pictures of Zoe when she is afraid and then when she is dancing. They are so sweet

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