26 March 2009

Snow Day

This morning we woke to a few inches of snow on the ground, and damp pavement. Within an hour the streets were covered in snow, and by nine we were in the midst of a "blizzard." Now, I hesitate to classify this snowy event as a blizzard. Yes, technically I suppose it fits the characteristics - high winds, a certain amount of inches, below freezing temperatures. But after living in Gunnison, a foot or so of snow on an 18 degree day (ABOVE zero, mind you) really isn't that extreme. With two small children, however, it does mean staying inside the house and keeping them from doing bodily harm to each other. I did manage to make a batch of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies which seemed to temper everyone's mood. Jesse stayed home from work and only changed out of his pajamas to shovel during a break from work. The kids watched him with their faces pressed against the cold glass window. I cut out snowflakes and hung them up and Zoe glued and glittered and we learned, surprisingly, that the kids don't particularly like forts....yet.


Noell said...

Snow days just aren't the same when there's two kids involved is it?

Andrew said...

Love the new look and frequent updates to the blog. Keep it up, Bernadette. Hope Miles is doing better.

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