25 March 2009

Unfinished Business

Life has been so hectic around here lately. I'm not certain why. Consequently, I have so many unfinished projects simmering in my craft space. Some are just thoughts, floating in the ether. Some are half-traced patterns, or a stack of fabrics with no direction.

Last night I 'finished' the Miss Madeline Dress for Mia's 5th birthday. Her party is Saturday afternoon. Despite this pattern being extraordinarily easy, it was truly a comedy of errors. I had originally planned to make Mia a different dress, but decided she'd look best in this style instead. But the pattern I have is for 6 months to size 4, and Mia needs a size 5. Fancy me thought I'd just try my hand at drafting the pattern a size larger. I didn't stop to think that I might need a touch more than the one yard of main fabric the pattern called for. Well, I did need more than one yard. I really did. So I ended up modifying the pattern even more to accommodate my error. It's fine though, I think. After that I ran into the mysterious slanted thread issue, which was actually solved by a forum friend with a link here, in case you're interested.

I decided to wait until Mia is able to try on the dress before sewing the elastic and stitching shut the casings. There is just too much variable there to play with, and I feel that I would end up altering it anyway. Therefore you might notice in the photo a bit of bulkiness around the side seams on the waistband.

I plan to make a little reversible purse for her as well. For that reason, I'm going to head to bed now instead of continuing on with this post, where I had planned to show off all my fabric stash and ponder what I might make. I need to get a bit more sleep tonight so I have enough energy to wake up in the morning, drive through the predicted 8-15 inches of snow to Miles's well visit and followup appointment, and also construct said purse. Good night, fair readers.

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Noell said...

Cute dress Be!
Interesting about the sewing machine!

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