23 March 2009

Everything is Just a Bit Off

It's nice sometimes to have a small, quiet readership on my blog. It means that I can get away with changing the background every five minutes or so, and no one even notices. I think I'll keep this one for a bit - it features one of my favorite Amy Butler fabrics. I just can't seem to find that perfect look. Everything is just a bit different than what I'm seeking.

Tonight (and last night as well), I've been dealing with some wonky stitch issue on my machine. See how the lines of stitching look slightly off? More like a stretch stitch...

After taking everything apart and putting it back together, nothing changed. Of course. It's things like this that make sewing frustrating for me, especially in those rare moments of free time. Finally I decided that it didn't matter so much on this dress, as most of the topstitching would be hidden by gathers anyway. Lo and behold, it mysteriously fixed itself. Hopefully tomorrow I can share the finished product with you.

Both children have been less than fabulous today. Zoe was disturbed by Nana leaving, and Miles from some unseen force. Perhaps it will be soon explained away by the source of his swollen glands. Tonight he was excessively fussy and took a lot of consoling to fall asleep. Zoe is suddenly going through another growth spurt today. After a couple weeks of picky eating, she woke up this morning with the drive to carb-load the entire day. Jesse and I could barely have a discussion tonight amidst the screeching from Miles and Zoe's requests for more food. I know it will seem like an instant, and we will find ourselves looking back upon these times of chaos and recall mostly the sweetness.


Amanda said...

I have a hard time picking backgrounds too. Nothing is ever right.

Noell said...

That's weird about your machine!
Sorry you had a tough day! (((HUGS)))

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