22 March 2009

A bit of the last few days

On Friday afternoon we took Miles to get a little craniosacral therapy to see if we could make any progress with his mysterious neck spasms. After the treatment, we walked the labyrinth in the therapist's backyard for a bit. Zoe loves paths and really enjoyed the time running in the sun.

Yesterday we went to The Flower Bin to get our seeds and sets for the season. As usual I nearly doubled what I *planned* to get. But my excuse is that Zoe is fascinated by gardening these days and I want her to have the opportunity to experience all the different leaves and colors and shapes and sizes that the garden has to offer. Today we planted radishes, carrots, romaine, and spinach in the raised beds. Zoe and Nana also put some pansies into the front planter box.
Ever ready to help in any way that he can, Miles ate a little dirt.

Here is Zoe imitating how the Pansy's face is smiling - thankful for being tucked so gently into the soil and watered. Indeed.


Noell said...

I'm so jealous of your garden planning!
Sucks that we just got dumped on though!

Mum said...

I love the picture of Miles with the dirty face, he is a darling boy. I love the picture of the pansy that is Zoe!

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