03 April 2009


It has been a long week with the three of us sick. I'm looking forward to a weekend of a little spring cleaning. I'm hoping to get my sewing studio spruced up a bit also. A girl can dream.

I suppose I left something unfinished. You know, that post about all the projects I have incomplete. This morning the children and I took Fiona to the veterinarian to recheck her T4. One month ago she had a few seizures related to her hyperthyroidism which has been out of control for some time now. Last month after the seizures we nearly tripled her medication and today they did labs to check progress. (She gained 6 ounces, by the way, and her levels went from 16 to 9. Great news! We still have to double her meds yet again, however. ) Anyway, as the kids and I were in the waiting room, I dug around in my bag for a scrap of paper to jot down all of my upcoming project goals. I can really fill up my calendar without trying all that hard.

April - finish big secret project (don't you just wonder?), cut and sew mom's bag, cut A's mom's bag, cut and stitch parts for stuffing and hand sewing for car trip. Make two aprons for gifts (need fabric), draft a few patterns for Zoe. Maybe reversible pinafore dress and Mini-Boden inspired dress?

May - Purchase fabric for and start sewing Miles's birthday banner, napkins and table runner. Practice sewing with knits this month! I mean it!

And the list goes on...

A few days ago I also photographed some of my random unfinished projects and just a bit of the fabric I have around that needs direction.

This lovely silk brocade needs to be curtains for Zoe's room. We finally purchased a curtain rod...

I really need to finish the painting I started on Zoe's wall. I'll spare you the embarrassment of asking - it's supposed to be fennel or anise blossoms (both have self-seeded in our backyard) but Zoe thinks they're trees. She asked for some pink as well.

Gratuitous cuteness.

A little dress for Zoe perhaps?

I just love this tonal colorway.

One of my favorites...

The whole Good Folks line from Anna Maria Horner:

See, I have a secret. Fabric? It gives me a little thrill. To justify it to myself (and probably to my husband, should he ever confront me), I've decided it must be hardwired. Oh, it's so easy to fall back on evolution to explain away my shopping habits. I'm gathering! But really, listen here. I spend hours, days, up late when I should be getting precious sleep poring over photographs of these vibrant representations of flora and I just want them. Ooh, how can you resist? The colors, the way they glide and collide and harmonize... Getting an envelope of fabric in the mail is like a museum falling on my doorstep. Except I get to hold it and recreate it and mobilize it. Sweet.

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Heather said...

First, your fabric stash makes me DROOL. Second, your Anna Marie Horner, both, third in from the right, just bought that to make a skirt. LOVE IT!

You have a lot of blogging to do with all of those projects. Can't wait to them all. I really want to do the banner for the boy's birthday party this year, you will have to tell me how it comes out

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