19 April 2009

Another Week Begins

I cannot say that the last week has been the easiest for me. In addition to being unreasonably fatigued, I'm recovering from an aggressive case of mastitis that started about 10 days ago. Generally I'd be able to treat something like this with herbs but it just was not very responsive. I ended up needing to take antibiotics, which always leave me feeling a bit queasy and susceptible to other infections.

Therefore, I've landed in somewhat of a rut here in my sewing studio. I feel that before I get any more projects started, I need to finish this bag I'm working on currently, which is taking me altogether too much time. I have such a disaster in this small space that I really can't function well enough to sew at this point. My desk is littered with fabric, coffee cups, stray pins, books, half-finished projects, and pattern pieces. I can't really walk through the area without tripping over something. It's not terribly conducive to the creative process. In those rare moments when the children allow me to work, I really just can't. So for the next few days I am holding myself accountable for making my space something that is functional again. I think I also might need to get more sleep. Miles wakes at night still, which isn't a big deal, but add that to the fact that he gets up for the day anywhere from 4:30 to 6am, and suddenly my 11pm bedtime isn't the best idea. There is only so much that a pot of coffee can do for you. Let me direct your attention to exhibit A, in which, due to my exhaustion, I made several errors while sewing the aforementioned unfinished bag. I finally took a picture of the THIRD "unsewing" task that I had to take on that afternoon.

Moving on, I did get some of the fabric for Miles's birthday bunting in the mail on Friday. I think it's just so bright and fresh. I have a few more coordinates in mind now that I've seen these in person.

I'm not a big fan of "kid" fabrics with animals and such, but this Heather Ross print from Lightning Bugs and Other Mysteries really appeals to me. Miles is fascinated with dogs so it seems appropriate in that regard as well. I love the whimsical little details like this tiny little dog in a teacup:

I am really hoping this week brings some more renewing energy into my home and mind and gives me a fresh outlook and a clean space to work with. As always, you'll probably be the first to know.

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Mum said...

I love the material for Miles bunting. I think it is going to be very bright and colorful, just like Miles.

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