21 April 2009

A Little Inspiration

The past couple of days have been spent working on the monumental task of creating a new inspired sewing studio for myself. Currently our loft is in shambles. I cannot say that it isn't usually a complete wreck, but now it is an altogether different variety of disaster. I do feel that I've made some progress. Jesse has hinted, however, that the only thing appearing organized is my fabric stash.

Yesterday I stumbled on some little objects here and there which really needed to be out somewhere for us to enjoy. It prompted me to make a little family inspiration space. I look forward to it being a gathering place to share and reflect during our meals.

Today I put some energy into planning some Earth Day activities for the kids and I. The weather is beautiful, and I feel really full of that warm Mama Earth energy. I don't really feel that we need a holiday to inspire children to love the earth, but it is a good opportunity to really craft a whole day around celebrating. I will follow their lead, but I have a few thoughts ahead of time. An organic farm down the road just opened up a stand on Wednesdays and Saturdays, and I hear that they'll do a little farm tour if they have time. I'd love to pick up some fresh greens for dinner there. I have some flower seeds and recycled pots for Zoe, and big bag of dirt that I'm certain will entertain Miles. I have also pulled out a few books that seem suitable to read throughout the day, as well as some of our favorite music.

I really enjoyed this post from Susan Linn, author of Consuming Kids, regarding the marketing of Earth Day to children. It's disgusting that yet another meaningful holiday is already on the road to Happy Meal fodder. Sorry kids, we are really messing things up for you. I can't profess to perfection here, but articles like this remind me to keep my aspirations as lofty and idealistic as our sweet babies deserve.

I encourage you to take time to inspire your children with anything from this wild land on Earth Day this year. I'd love to hear from you.

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MUM said...

I hope you had a good Earth Day.I love some of your book choices.

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