17 April 2009

Long Awaited Pattern

Ooh, I am buzzing with excitement tonight. I have been waiting for the release of Patty Young's Frida pattern for so long now. It's a tunic-style dress and shirt pattern for girls. She just released a new line of modkid boutique sewing patterns. Kyoko and Emma are also fabulous - in fact I think Emma has to be Zoe's birthday dress this year. Meanwhile I hope to get Frida finished for our family reunion in May. I recently saw it made up in Heather Ross's Mendocino line and it was just beautiful.

I'm excited to share a few more new projects with you over the coming weekend. I've almost finished a darling little bag from designer Melly & Me, despite repeated attempts to overcaffienate myself and sew. I even took pictures of that. Along with my pattern, I just got in a bundle of fabric for Miles's first birthday bunting.

Today we had a "Winter Storm Warning" again, which translated to a long day of rain with a touch of snow. Truly, we really needed the moisture, but 'winter storm' is not how I would define this weather event. We'll see how things look in the morning. Speaking of which, I only have 6 hours until at least one of my children is awake for the day.

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Heather said...

I can't wait to see what you do with this one!

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