01 October 2008

Catching up

There's a fair amount of catching up to do here, which I will attempt to do with a reasonable amount of photographs.

Firstly I have failed to post the 3 month photo of Miles, which will demonstrate to you better than words how LONG my kid is. He is outgrowing many things in length but not in girth. In fact both kids are starting to get the irreverent "plumber's bum" in their diapers. Which has therefore instigated a mad rush on my part to buy large diapers so that Zoe can move up into those and Miles into Zoe's diapers. Jesse can corroborate how seriously I take my diaper shopping. Truly I am perhaps a little obsessed with the selection process and loathe to wait for all of my fluffy mail. The hours pass by SOOOOO slowly when one is waiting for fluffy perfection to arrive upon the doorstep. But I digress.

In addition to his length, Miles has another fabulous trademark feature - his hair. As his hair grows, the perma-mohawk garners more and more comments from strangers when we're out of the house. I am hoping the hairs that he is losing won't strip him completely bald but I have little faith in that. I'm trying to enjoy it while it lasts.
Zoe's play has reached new levels lately. She loves dolls, stuffed animals, and little figurines of any sort. Two of her favorites are some little plastic dinosaurs we found at whole foods on two separate desperate occasions. Her dinosaurs love to play with each other on the butcher block in the kitchen, conveniently when I'm making dinner. The dinosaurs talk about lunch, taking naps, feeling sad, and being friends. They also love to slide, fall down, and help each other.

On Saturday we went to Jeremy's first cyclecross race. Zoe enjoyed hanging out with the girls, Miles napped in the Beco carrier, and Jeremy did a great job. I'm not sure what I think about cyclecross, but it's a nice sport for my short attention span. Basically the cyclists ride around a course which includes steep terrain, mud, sandpits, and barriers which they run over and around. For some inexplicable reason, the spectators all have cowbells.

Miles really enjoyed smiling at Mia, who always remarks that Miles is really cute.