01 October 2008

Catching up part deux

Miles has reached another exciting milestone. Last weekend one night he managed to get from lying on his back to his tummy. Then last week he made the journey in the other direction while lying on his tummy on the Gymini playmat. He was not terribly pleased with that transition; in fact, it scared him a bit.

We finally got Zoe a tricycle. We have been contemplating the bike decision for awhile now. It seems there are many choices, and everyone has a different recommendation. Ultimately it came down to Zoe's preference. She just seemed to like the tricycle more than the kick bike we also looked at. Jesse spent time with her over the weekend and she's made *some* progress but it would be a stretch to say that she can actually pedal or steer yet. But she enjoys it, and that's the important part.

On Sunday we attempted to go hiking at Lily Lake. After loading up the car, and driving all the way there with Miles not particularly happy about it, we arrived only to have it begin raining immediately. So essentially we got to enjoy a long mountain drive and the opportunity to see the aspens changing, which is always so amazing this time of year.

Miles is still a fairly prolific producer of bubbles, which gives Zoe neverending enjoyment. She loves popping them, and when we moved their carseats apart she cried because she couldn't reach him to pop bubbles anymore. On a side note, the rash on Miles's face and neck has improved greatly since switching him out of the infant car seat, so we're still considering that there was a possible allergy there. Miles definitely has his mama's sensitive pale skin.

Grace came to play with Zoe on Monday. In addition to chalking up the sidewalk and driveway, Grace taught Zoe how to do somersaults in the grass. Zoe was so pleased.

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Mum said...

I am so glad you got a picture of Mile's and his bubbles I have never seen drool in the form of bubbles before Miles. I remember that Zoe would try to pop his bubbles. Oh how wonderful to be that easily entertained.

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