01 November 2008

Mysterious Rash explained

Sometime over the summer Zoe developed this mysterious itchy rash on the back of her neck. No application of any of the myriad lotions or creams we have seemed to alleviate it. Borage, coconut, pau d'arco, voodoo; all of these things were no match for its might. It kind of resembled heat rash in appearance but not at all in behavior. Eventually the rash cleared on its own after I had given up on it.

Just a few days ago, the mystery was finally solved. Carter's clothing issued a press release regarding the 'tagless tags' in their clothing line. Apparently a certain type of tagless tag, printed in 2007, caused these types of reactions (and much worse) in 400 reported cases. Now that the information has been released, many more families are coming to realize what it was that caused similar rashes, contact dermatitis, and even chemical burns on their kids. Check out these other blogs for more info (here, here, and here) and maybe to provide an answer to your very own mysterious rash. All the cool kids are getting them.