22 September 2008

Rocky Mountain Sustainable Living Fair

On Saturday we traveled to Fort Collins to the Rocky Mountain Sustainable Living Fair. I've always wanted to attend, lured by the thought of all of the free samples and the smug feeling of goodness one achieves after attending such an event. So we packed the kids and all of their luggage into our gas-guzzling SUV and traveled 45 minutes to get there, where we drove all over an open field and destroyed the native grass to get to our parking spot. Good times.

Anyway, the fair was pleasant, it was a beautiful day, and certainly were we in the market to build a sustainable home sometime in the near future it would have been a great resource. For now though it was just nice to stroll around with the kids and look at the people. There was a Mom's Breastraunt tent where I could sit out of the sun to nurse Miles.

Zoe enjoyed a little ride with Jesse.

Miles continued to have an inordinate amount of hair which is completely uncontrolled by any styling method. He still, however, attracts lots of hugs from Zoe regardless of his follicular disorderliness.

And don't forget the cute smiles, which seem to balance out the hair in some way.

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Heather said...

I wish that you had told me that you were coming up, Joel and I took the boys and we wold have loved to have seen you

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