06 August 2008

Weekend Update

We had a pleasant weekend. Saturday we went to Brown's Shoes to get some Crocs for Zoe. We walked out instead with 3 new pairs of shoes for her. One just can't pass up those sales on See Kai Runs! Zoe has outgrown her size 5 shoes, skipped size 6 altogether and is on to size 7. She seems to have hit another growth spurt lately. People comment on how tall she seems for her age. I guess we'll see at her 2year visit in September.

Saturday evening we went to The Rib House for dinner. Now, most people know that I'm a vegetarian. So it might seem that I would prefer not to eat there. In truth, I love an excuse to eat their cheesy corn and fried mac and cheese. The patio is gorgeous on a summer evening, and looks out over the eclectic Prospect New Town. We shared our meal with JAMB (Jeremy, Andrea, Mia, and Bridget...our friends have their own acronyms!) Miles slept most of the time, and Zoe enjoyed running around with Mia and Bridget after eating.

Zoe and Mia have a fun little game they play. I guess Zoe was the one to make it up, but Mia has been a great sport about playing along with her. The game is this: Zoe falls down. On purpose. She pouts a little, and looks forlornly off into the distance. She says "Oh, no! I fell down!" If Mia doesn't notice right away, she'll repeat herself. Zoe might add, "Help me up, please!" or "I need help!" Then Mia walks over and helps her up. Zoe says thank you and they exchange hugs. About 30 seconds later Zoe falls down again. Lather, rinse, and repeat.

Here's the pout:

And then the assist:

Afterwards the girls played ring around the rosy with Andrea in the park.

Here's a cute picture of the girls from a few weeks ago.

Doesn't Jesse look like a proud dad?

Later in the weekend we took a family walk with the new Phil & Ted. Here is Miles peeking out. His feet stick out underneath Zoe's in the front so about every few minutes she says "Miles is kickin' me!" and holds her legs up in the air. And so it begins...

We also felt extra brave this weekend and let Zoe have a go at the corn on the cob. We've always just cut it off for her, but she has been expressing her displeasure with that for awhile. She did better than I anticipated! We should never underestimate her.

That's all for now!


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I love the corn! I think that all kids see the adults eating it and think "Um, hello, that was made for my age group!" Those are two of the cutest kids ever!

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