17 August 2008

Yeah, yeah...

Okay it's been an inexcusable amount of time since we've had a new blog post. To make up for it I promise to entertain and delight you with a host of adorable pictures of the kids.

First I have to share the picture of Zoe's first wasp stings on her cheek! She put on quite the brave and pitiful face. Fortunately Jesse has since rid our yard of the nest full of these pesky stingers. They were residing in the hollow Buddha by our fountain. The BandAid is for emotional wounds more than physical.

Some of Jesse's family came to visit. Jesse's sister Raelynn and her boyfriend Ryan brought their daughter Rylan, 6 months old. She's an adorable happy baby. Jesse's dad Mike and his stepmom Diane also came to visit us for the first time in our current home. Here is Jesse's dad with a whole pile of grandkids. That's Rylan in the Bumbo seat. Zoe was quite taken with her.

Here's a picture of what happens when you forget about your zucchini. Yes, that's a normal-sized wine bottle. Jesse says that next year we're not allowed to have a garden.

Just for that I'm posting this picture of Jesse with Miles. Everyone says that Miles looks more like me, but I have to say that their hair in this picture tells the real story.

This past week Zoe drew her first unprompted family portrait. I'm the one with the long hair.

And finally we have Mr. Miles's 2 month picture! He has grown so much. He's wearing a pair of overalls that belonged to Zoe as a baby. As you can see he has changed a lot in such a short time. He is laughing quite a bit now and working really hard to roll over. He gets the upper half of his body on his side but his big cloth diapers weigh him down, I think. His hair is starting to thin somewhat on the sides and I noticed today that his eyes are getting a bit more smoky in color. Perhaps they are beginning to change.

I tried to get a shot of the kids together but this is all we ended up with. Zoe was actually patting his head, not pulling his hair as it might appear. But Miles wasn't too keen on getting his picture taken anymore.

Here's Miss Zoe being a toddler. She's doing quite a lot of the whole throwing herself down on the ground bit.