02 August 2008

Good intentions...

Today I received an email from my friend Heather about a blog that she has been reading, Dreaming Green. I spent some time this afternoon perusing all of the entries. The author is out to help us, the readers, find ways to avoid using plastic in our lives. I must admit to instantly feeling a deep-seated sense of shame regarding our purchase of the aforementioned Mrs. Potatohead a few weeks ago. Which brings me to a few points.

1) I'm looking forward to maybe moving on from 'survival mode' so I can reach a place where I feel like I'm living with a little more intention. I'm not sure what that will mean but I hope I recognize it when I get there.

2) There are people out there who seem to be making a really big impact on others. I don't feel like I'm doing that. Okay, I'm raising two kids and really it's all I can do to meet their basic needs right now.

3) I'm feeling a little directionless in my identity. Other than MAMA I'm not much at this point. I think this is a phase. Ask me next year.

4) How is it that someone with 5 kids has the time to blog about 52 significant changes in the battle against plastic when I've only got two and I can't even keep the kitchen un-filthy, not to mention clean out my festering nightmare of a craft closet (which actually isn't just a closet anymore but has become an entire room...)? It's not like I'm even doing crafts. I finally got out the thank-you cards (NOT handmade) but haven't even touched the birth announcements.

I guess I shouldn't be so hard on myself.