23 July 2008


I just want to share how grateful I am to have a better sleeper this time around! I guess what they say about second babies is really true. Miles has been sleeping up to a five-hour stretch overnight, something Zoe didn't do for the first time until maybe 6 months? It's hard to say - I don't think I got enough sleep to remember much of her first year. She slept through the night for the first time when she was 16 months. Miles is relatively easy to put down for a nap. It took me a week to get over how we could just put him down when tired and he might sometimes close his eyes and fall asleep on his own! (okay, not EVERY time...) How could this be? I guess I shouldn't question it. I looked through Zoe's baby book. I recall that I wrote down the times when she fell asleep on her own. Three times in her first year. I had no idea how easy other people had it!

Here's a cute pic of the kids for your viewing pleasure. That is Zoe's "Happy Face" (read: fake smile for pictures.)