29 July 2008

Updates on us!

Well, it has been almost a week since posting so I have a lot of catching up to do! I apologize. Meanwhile my flickr account is full for the month and I'm too cheap to pay the annual fee so you'll have to wait for a lot of pictures until Friday.

We got a new stroller on Saturday! Miles is a sweaty little guy and he really isn't keen on being worn too long in the hot weather outside. And Zoe, who is normally pretty happy to walk anywhere, is not okay with Miles getting a free ride when she isn't! So a double stroller is a must for us. We chose the Phil and Ted's Inline Dash...truly the Cadillac of double strollers. It has many different configurations. Here's a picture of one, although we chose the more flamboyant red color.

Miles is getting to be more of an infant and less of a fetus, er, newborn. He's holding his head up a lot now, and giving us lots of coos with his smiles. He's even made a few efforts at laughing over the weekend. It is pretty endearing. You can see how much he has grown in this photo.

Grace and I took Zoe to a new park on Friday. The park is huge - lots of different play areas for Zoe to explore. Her favorite thing in the hot sun on Friday was the water feature. She stole a bucket from another little boy and had a great time filling it up, dumping it out, and generally getting soaked. Jesse and I took her again on Sunday but apparently the water isn't available all the time. I'll have to post pictures of that! I love to leave you hanging. ;)

This week Zoe has been saying "That's a good idea, Mama!" Apparently I am full of them. She has also abandoned "yes" for the more confident "Sure!"