21 July 2008

First Pediatrician Appointment

Today I took Miles in for his first pediatrician appointment. It's not super important since he still has one more visit under the midwife's care. But I like to get established with the pediatrician just in case we need her for something down the road. Unfortunately the only available visit was at 11:45, so that meant that we'd be there during Zoe's lunchtime and probably into naptime. Miles weighs 11lb. 8oz. and is 23.5 inches long. He's a big boy. It's not a tremendous gain in weight from last week, however, as Miles seems to be dealing with a bit of reflux like Zoe. Well, we've been there, done that...and frankly I'm not interested in messing around with it too much this time. I want my happy little boy back. So we decided to go ahead and try some Prevacid. Hopefully it will help with his discomfort so he'll be able to nurse more consistently again. He's been too uncomfortable to finish nursing a lot...so he spends a lot of time hungry but not wanting to eat. I'd like to break the cycle before we end up with another kid who hates to eat.

Zoe had a rough time at the visit. I turned into 'that mom' with the two crying kids. Fortunately the front desk staff gave her a blue plastic dinosaur to take home. She's been watching this Little Einsteins episode about musical dinosaurs. She named her new dinosaur a 'piccolo-dactyl' and sang to it for most of the car ride. TV has become a necessity around the house, for the time being anyway. As a new parent I had all these illusions about being a TV-free household, but a second pregnancy and new baby have made it essential for everyone's sanity. I'm glad at least that we have a few options that teach Zoe something. She absorbs nearly every song that she hears, including those she hears briefly on the radio in the car. One of her favorites is '1234' by Feist. She calls it 'changing your heart'. She throws a tantrum when it's over. "More changing your heart!"

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Andrew said...

Hey Kelly,

Andrew Mulvania here. Thanks for writing back. I'll write more in an e-mail, but wanted to make you and Zoe aware of an appearance that Feist made on Sesame Street, singing an altered version of "1234" about, naturally, counting to "4." You should be able to find it on YouTube or Slate videos. It's fun and educational:).

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