20 July 2008


Last night we went out in Boulder with Jeremy, Andrea, Mia, and Bridget. Everything went fairly well until near the end of dinner when I felt a surprise coming out of the side of Miles's diaper and running down my arm. Of course it also got all over my brand new shirt which is part of my very limited transitional wardrobe. I got Miles stripped down and cleaned up in the bathroom only to discover that the spare outfit I had certainly packed for him was nowhere to be found in the overflowing diaper bag. So Miles got to be carried around Pearl Street in his (adorable) cloth diaper.

Zoe wanted to join in the fun so she spilled ice water all over her skirt at dinner. Therefore she too got to run around in her diaper and shirt. We looked like we were getting paid to promote Fuzzi Bunz.

This morning we went to breakfast, pretty successfully I might add. I finally got around to getting some supplies to make baby announcements. I still have a pile of thank yous to write.