02 September 2009

New Beginnings

Today was Zoe Pearl's first day of preschool. According to parent folklore, I was supposed to feel weepy, or Zoe was supposed to cling to my legs and cry for twenty minutes. Neither happened. In fact, I think we may have had the easiest transition to preschool I could have imagined.

Miles woke at 5:30am, and shortly thereafter I left the bedroom with him and found that Zoe's light was on. She had taken off her pajamas already, pottied, and was trying to put on her dress for the day. She was so full of anticipation. It was a challenge getting her to eat her breakfast.

We arrived at the school, and walked around to the beautiful garden. So many roses were blooming in the yard, and collecting rosepetals was an activity for the day.

She was so thrilled to see Miss Lin again, and to explore the space. Miss Lin had a new table, and had put Zoe's symbol, a butterfly, on the back of her chair. Her bag and cup were also labeled with a butterfly.

The nature table is dreamily appointed for end of summer. Miles adored the bee and frogs, and wanted desperately to take them in his hands.

I love the child-sized tea set and the minuscule dishes in the gnome house.

One of Zoe's favorite parts about the classroom is the beautiful dress-up clothing.

Miles was enchanted by school as well, and not terribly excited about leaving. He loved the little cup that Miss Lin let him use.

But sweet Zoe reminded me to take Miles with me when I left...she wanted to be certain to have Miss Lin all to herself. We gave her three hugs and three kisses and left her coloring in her new chair.

At pickup time, Zoe was in the most amazing mood, and truly I have rarely seen her happier for an entire day. She was so joyous, and had many favorite elements from her day to share. I hope it's not just a fluke, and that that our magical new school is just what she needs.


Heather said...

Oh cherish this! I miss the boys waldorf preschool so very much. I wish her, and you, a blessed year ahead

Suzanne said...

What a very cool preschool! "Magical" is definitely the word I'd use.

Mum said...

I too have never seen her so happy. Zoe has had such excitement in her eyes.Her stories have been so imaginative.Her world is expanding. She has told me of places she wants to go and visit, one being the beach with the ocean, so she can play in the sand and build sand casles. I hope this is a wonderful year.

Amber said...

That is wonderful! SO refreshing to hear such a positive 1st day of preschool story. Congrats!

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