14 September 2009

An attempt to slip back in, unnoticed

You might be thinking that for the months of July and August, and these two weeks into September, I really have been doing everything BUT blogging. But that's so far from the truth. I've been blogging quite a bit, actually. I've been taking photos of charming things, and writing in my head as I sweep the floor. I've expounded on the meaning behind everything, and the beauty in nothing. I have sat at my keyboard many times, opened up a new post and stared at the blankness of the text box and poised my fingers over the keys. Nothing comes out. That's okay, I suppose. The summer was busy, and we had no rhythm it seemed.

So now I'm back. I promise.

I cannot leave you sitting there without a photo, so here it is. The biggest praying mantis I have ever seen outside of captivity, on our front porch.


Terri said...

Welcome Back. I love reading your posts and look forward to more pictures too.

MUM said...

I love reading anything you write . Send pictures if you can't think of anything to write.

kate said...

I think your Mantis shot perfectly sums up an absence-- sometimes taking time to sit, to watch, to be ever so aware-- is the best way to write in the future. As you said, the words are there...and when they are ready, they'll come tumbling from head to hand:)

Heather said...

That is the coolest pic!

It is good to have you back Be, you are always an inspiration :)

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