17 August 2009

A Handmade Birthday

When I first began to think about Zoe's birthday, I knew that I wanted to give her special gifts with love and good energy in them. She has so many toys, and in fact I have been purging things from the children's toy bins over the last couple of months. That led to my decision to really focus on handmade gifts for her.

This summer has proven challenging, for a variety of reasons. Thus momentum has been an obstacle for me. But I'm working on the various projects as time and inspiration allow. I'm about five minutes from finishing a plum-colored, beribboned tutu. I also dyed up a few handfuls of playsilks which will complement the Waldorf playstands my father is crafting for Zoe.

This was really a fulfilling project. I enjoyed that it didn't require any expertise or precision, only counter space and an eye which worships hue. Tutorials can be found on every other waldorf/AP/homeschool/crafty blog, it seems. So I won't bore you with the details, but please let me know if you're interested in the links which I found most helpful.

I am also midway through Zoe's birthday dress, the Modkid Emma. So far I've completed the bodice. I used ribbon from my stash down the center of the bodice, and did a little decorative stitching in a contrasting thread over the top. After that I covered some buttons with the bodice fabric as I couldn't find any that were the perfect shade of pink. I'm pleased with it so far, and really looking forward to completing the pretty petal skirt!


Heather said...

Wow, those playsilks are gorgeous. can't wait to see Zoe's dress :)

MUM said...

You are back. I haven't looked for a while and I am so excited to see a new blog. While your were dyeing the silks i "saw" much more pastel colors so I am thrilled and excitedwith the brilliant colors and also that you made a set for me to give Julian as well, It is going to be nice to have some fabric he can run through the house with instead of the rolls of paper towels.Zoe is going to be so excited by the fabrics. She wll love the all pink one.
I really love the fabric of the bodice, I didn't recognize the ribbon until I enlarged the picture.This is going to be a very sweet dress, I can't wait.I am so proud of your beautiful work.

Bernadette said...

Your silks look beautiful. Nice capture. I love the handmade birthday and I love too making the ritual of it all as big as the gifts themselves. We do a great anticipation calendar at our house - counting down the week before recounting lessons learned in the year past and wishes and hopes for the coming year.

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