04 May 2009

Womb With a View

Zoe at dinner tonight:

Zoe: When I was in mama's tummy it was noisy!
Me: You were in mama's tummy?
Zoe: It sounded like food in my tummy!
It sounds like ants!
Jesse: Like ants marching?
Zoe: No like this! (kicks feet on chair leg) It was thumping.
It sounded like snow falling.


MUM said...

Until I heard her say this I did not know that children could remember their time in the womb, she had said to me two days before, "I was in Mama's tummy before I was borned" So perhaps she had been thinking about it?

Adriana said...

Well if anyone could remember their time in the womb, it WOULD be her.

Mistika said...

I just found your blog I love it the pictures are awesome and your daughter is beautiful.

Heather said...

I love womb conversations with the little ones. They always say the COOLEST things. Jacob once told me it was too loud,and that it was nice and dark. Poor thing, I played music on my belly for 9 months. Probably scarred him for life :)

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