07 May 2009

No, Really, I'm Still Here.

I think I titled this post as such in a effort to reassure myself that I am indeed still here. Have you read the children's book "My Many Colored Days?" It feels like a story for my life right now. The nights are beginning to be warmer here, and restless. The children and I feel somedays settled, in rhythm, and others disjointed and at odds. We had a short visit from Baba, which was refreshing, but a bout of pinkeye, which was not. I have scattered projects going on, but Miles has been like a barnacle attached to my side this last week. And he's not the best sewing companion. For reasons which I'm sure are imaginable. It is fortunate for him that he is so utterly charming.

I'm working on this little Mother's Day gift. My mum picked out the fabrics on a recent visit, and my goal is to have it finished and ready for posting up on the blog for Mother's Day. It's like a virtual reveal. It's fun because the fabrics are not my usual style, but I'm appreciating them more and more as I sew with them.

More than anything else right now, we are enjoying being in the garden. Zoe can spend so much time planting things in the dirt. This past weekend, we made a somewhat eco-unfriendly decision to plant a small patch of grass in the backyard. Our backyard is currently entirely xeriscaped. But we felt that we needed somewhere soft for the children to be, and a bit more green. Hopefully we can continue to manage this space in a waterwise manner. Furthermore, it should eliminate the most pesky area of bindweed which causes us to give up on weeding about mid-July every year. Bindweed has got to be the most frustrating aspect of Colorado gardening. I can take the short growing season that deprives me of reasonable bell peppers, but the bindweed keeps me up at night.

Tomorrow we have another ballet class for Miss Zoe, and craniosacral therapy for Mr. Miles. I also plan to share with you some photos of an amazing handmade gift we received in the mail today. We have been waiting for it for so long!

Until tomorrow....


Heather said...

Can't wait to see your mom's finished gift! I love the colors

MUM said...

Miles is modeling at his young age? He has such a sense of humor, which I wonder if it will be like his Daddy???

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