12 April 2009

Sweet Spring Skirt

Last week I found a sweet inspiring spring print that was simply begging to be a skirt for Zoe. I knew that an Easter dress might not happen this year but a little skirt takes almost no effort. Well, anything in this house proves to be more effort than it should, but it is always worth it when the finished garment is finally pressed and hung in the light.

This fabulous twirl skirt has been on my list of items to make for some time. It was such a fine project for this weekend. The directions are simple, the sewing is simpler, and the results are crisp and provide, in my opinion, a great look for relatively little effort. I love the addition of the waistband drawstring tie.

Next time I need to alter the pattern somewhat to fit Zoe's frame. She wears the smallest size (90 cm Euro) but since she's thin for her height and has a really narrow waist, the skirt could definitely be a little less wide and therefore less bulky around the waistband. It's so bulky, in fact, that the fabric doesn't move with ease over the tie and elastic. It's not terrible and she'll certainly be able to get some more wear out of the skirt. I also would add another inch or two to the skirt body and the hem band as well, just for my own personal aesthetic balance. The one pictured in the tutorial seems to be longer rather than wider as well. I'd like to try the skirt again soon, but I think I have a few more projects coming up in advance of that.

The simple way that the hem band is finished provides a clean look inside as well, which is important on a twirl skirt. The view from below gives the full effect of the contrasting hem band.

Miles, ever the photography critic, was not pleased with the composition of my photos and preferred this instead:


Adriana said...


Heather said...

I love it. I might have to try that skirt soon. Gorgeous as always Be

Mum said...

You have another hit. I love it. This is a skirt that you could make for yourself and have a Mother daughter set. ZOe would love love that! I love the fabric and the contrast fabric is a perfect match. Have a wonderful Easter.

Mum said...

Oh I forgot to say. The little fellow that you and Jesse made is in the top two of your best ever creations.

Terri said...

Cute skirt. Even cuter boy.

Danielle said...

I love the skirt! I would totally wear that. Hehe. I love your fabric choices as always.

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