08 April 2009

Orange Inspiration

Orange, you rhyme with nothing, and you are not known for harmony. Maybe that's why I find myself so inspired by you. The way you clash and counteract, stand up for yourself. I used to be a lavender girl. But these last few years orange has sort of crept under my skin a bit, tinted my vision. Reader, what color are you?


Danielle (Rakefet) said...

Be! I love orange, it's my favorite color. I love (from the top) 1,2,4,5,7,8,11, maybe 11 as my favorite. Where did you get them? (read: where can I get them?)

Adriana said...

Coming soon to a monkey near you!

SugarMama said...


1 is from the Denyse Schmidt's Katie Jump Rope
2 is from Heather Ross's West Hill
4 is Kaffe Fassett
7 is one you should recognize ;)
8 is Denyse Schmidt Flea Market Fancy
5 and 11 I'll ponder a bit.

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