18 March 2009

A Little Handmade Love Among Friends

Last Friday I had the divine chance to see my dear friend Heather. Now, Heather and I have been friends for over five years now, and we are also business partners. And yet we haven't seen each other in months. We have been so looking forward to getting together to eat (always a priority for the two of us) and have some time to share. Fortunately Zoe is finally at an age where she can run amok with Heather's boys - they were both so sweet to Zoe and it was heartwarming to watch them interact. Miles mostly crawled around and made a sincere effort to break things.

I took Heather a little gift for attending my birth. I stitched up this Amy Butler Birdie Sling pattern in Amy Butler's Daisy Chain line. I enjoyed the pattern so much that I made one for myself and my friend Adriana as well. My mom has also selected some fabrics for her own bag, which I am itching to get started on when things are a bit less hectic around here.

While I'm bragging on myself, here's the trio of bags all together.

Heather gifted me these gorgeous arm-warmers in a luminous green. They remind me of how moss shines in dusk.

The pattern is Toast, available here. The yarn is, of course, one of Heather's own: Shivaya Naturals Worsted Winter Wool in Cecil. It has a lovely feel and I will just treasure wearing these in cooler weather.

Heather also bestowed these sweet hats upon Zoe and I. We don't have many matchy things so we're really enjoying these. I'm SO impressed that she managed to fit a hat to my head - I think this is the best-fitting knitted cap I have ever owned. Zoe is also so proud to have something that looks like mama's. Thank you Heather, for your friendship, talent, and generosity of spirit!


Esther said...

It will be so much fun for Zoe and Miles to read this when they are older. I wish I had done something like this. Oh yeah there wasn't anything like this to do!!!

Adriana said...

I love my bag! It is perfection!

Noell said...

As you know...I love your bags!!
Cute hats too! Your hair looks like it's grown a foot!

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