29 August 2008

Friday morning on Pearl Street

The first update is that Miles has thrush. I hadn't really thought to check. But the rash around his neck is also yeast. Poor guy has just been miserable but after a little treatment he's almost back to normal. Meanwhile he has still been sleeping 6-7 hours at night. Occasionally we even get 8! I never imagined I'd have an easy sleeper after Zoe.

Anyway, Jesse finally sold the Fiat. This meant that he was finally 'allowed' to get a new road bike. So we headed down to Pearl Street so he could do some test riding at University Bicycles and the kids and I could walk around a bit.

First we headed west and stopped at Prana. They had a promotion running where you'd get a $10 gift card if you did a yoga pose for their bulletin board. Well I wasn't about to allow myself to be photographed doing yoga at this point but Zoe was happy to oblige. I think she was their only toddler model. I don't have a copy of the photo but here is her demonstrating at home.

Afterwards we walked further down the full length of the pedestrian mall and stopped to get an iced coffee. Then we went to the Boulder Bookstore to find some paper dolls for Zoe's birthday. There, in the kid's section, we met Raven and his mom. Raven is turning 3 only a few days away from Zoe's 2nd birthday. They had a fabulous time and Raven taught Zoe a few 3-year-old tricks. It is always good to learn from the experts.