21 August 2008

Birthday Playdate

Today we went to a birthday playdate for a womb-buddy of Zoe's.  He was born only a few weeks before her.  Zoe had a mediocre time.  She really liked the toys in their yard, and watching some of the other kids from afar.  But the bees...not so much.  Her fear has increased lately to the point that it's making it challenging to be outside.  It's not just the bees either, it's also the mosquitos, gnats, flies, butterflies, ants, worms.  Really anything creepy-crawlie elicits high-pitched screaming and desperate attempts to crawl up the leg of the nearest adult.  Hopefully this is just a phase.  

Miles had a rough time too.  He's changed from his usually happy self to a non-nursing, fussy baby over the last few days.  I had a hard time getting him to nurse at all today, actually.  I'm thinking about making an appointment with the doctor.  He also has a very tender rash on his neck.  

Here's a picture of the kids following the party.  You might notice the chocolate on Zoe's face.  What is funny is that most of the boys had chocolate cupcake frosting everywhere, but their keen mamas cleaned their faces a bit before the photo.  I just kind of spaced that mom-duty.