16 June 2011

The Boy's Party

My delicious boy is turning three years old this week. After a wearying spring, I felt this tiny itch, not even so strong as an urge, to get a little crafty again. Inspiration has been somewhat hard to muster lately, so I followed it where it led.

Miles had been confident a few months ago, after his cousin's party, that he wanted monster cupcakes. With teeth! I'd been mulling that over for a bit when he decided that robot cupcakes were the preferred form for getting all that sweet goodness into his tummy. Shortly thereafter he settled on cars. I was not left with much time to ponder the making of such a cupcake. Nor was I really excited about batches of food-coloring tinted frosting (natural or otherwise).

I settled on delightfully kitschy plastic cars from HeyYoYo. Miles was completely enamored with them perched atop vegan, gluten-, egg-, and soy-free chocolate cupcakes. (I was even more enamored by my first experience baking with Authentic Food Superfine brown rice flour! It is quite possible that my new favorite baking ingredient requires an entire post all to itself.)

In meandering around online looking for party favor ideas, I stumbled upon these great DIY fort kits and a tutorial from Saltwater Kids. I took thrifted and vintage sheets and sewed casings for rope. I stole a tshirt from Jesse's closet and cut it up for the ties - one in each corner and one in the center. A little canvas bag with a scrap of fabric appliqued for decoration, and an assortment of rope, clips, and suction cups completed the kit. Super easy project and I hope well-loved by all the children who took one home. Once again I'm thankful for all the brilliant people in the world who share their genius with the world at large via free tutorials!

Quickly-made paper banners and balloons served as decoration inside, and outdoors decorated for itself. Lovely weather, good friends, and delicious food was the perfect way to celebrate the birth of our dearest boy.