19 September 2009

A Girl's Birthday

Due to my protracted absence, I have not had a chance to share a few things from our recent adventures. The most important of which was Zoe's third birthday. It was a simple morning gathering. We had pinkness and cupcakes, and no shortage of tutus, which is really all a three year old needs on a birthday, in my humble opinion.

For Zoe, Miles, and Zoe's two girlfriends, we made little favor bags which included handmade sketch books and playsilks.

The following week, Zoe celebrated her birthday at preschool. I was not certain what to expect for Zoe's birthday celebration, but at the same time I knew that whatever Miss Lin arranged would be perfect and magical. We were not disappointed.

She first put on a birthday crown and cape and sat with us at a little table, where we lit candles (and quickly blew them out before Miles had his way with them.) Then Miss Lin told her a beautiful story about a Star Child choosing her earthly parents. Zoe seemed to absorb the story deeply. Mother Earth gave Zoe a precious starfish for her birthday and Miss Lin made Zoe a little StarChild Waldorf Doll.

Her birthday passing has been accompanied by a feeling of gratitude for the joy Zoe has exuded lately. I don't know if it is just a new season for her or the influence of preschool, but she is really in a happier space right now than she has been in a long time. It brings me a lot of peace as her mama to know that even after the chaos I have been feeling these past few months, Zoe is really doing well. I look back at the last year and can see how far we really have come. And I am honored to know this little person.


Noell said...

I have been wondering how her b-day went! Sounds like things went well! Her preschool sounds like a great fit and even better that she's in a happier space to boot!
(Side note: pretty ironic but I made little favor bags/purses for Abigail's b-day party too...I'll post a pic on my blog when all is done)

Terri said...

Zoe is so beautiful! She realy is a star child. So glad she is happy. Thanks for the pictures of her birthday. I know with Miles and yourself having colds it wasn't perfect, but it still looks like fun.

Suzanne said...

Marcus wants to know what camera and lens you use. Your photos are always so stunning!

SugarMama said...

Thank you, Suzanne! We use a DSLR - a Canon Rebel XT. It has been a great camera for the price point. We already had some Canon lenses so that influenced our decision over a Nikon.

I am no photographer, but the key for me has been our 50mm fixed lens. It has given me a lot more ability to shoot inside in the lower light without flash. And the shallow depth of field of the lens is what helps keep your subject in focus and the background blurry. Hope that helps!

MUM said...

I just love this little girl. I know every grandmother feels that way but she is so unique with a wisdom of a much older child. I cherish my play times with her.She told me lately that she likes her pre-school teacher Miss Lin, and without a breath in between she looked at me with her beautiful wise eyes and said "But, I still love you , Baba.

Mu m said...

Oh my goodness. I posted my note and then looked over the link again at the oictures. In the last picture of Zoe wearing the crown she looks so much like her daddy it is amazing!!!

gardenmama said...

absolutely incredible beauty and love!
thank you for sharing : )

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