27 July 2009

Tales from the UFO Basket

I've had this purse in my UFO bin for months. Well, actually months and months. It was *so* close to completion, awaiting only magnetic snap installation and finished straps. As my sewing studio encroaches further into our living space on a daily basis, I feel a need to tackle some outstanding projects just to get the energy moving again. I have so many ideas churning, gorgeous fabric to use, and new patterns to try. It's easy to get ahead of myself and leave Unfinished Fabric Objects strewn behind me in my path.

The pattern is the Sherbet Bag from Melly and Me. Now, say it with me, my American readers. Sher-BET. I know that Sher-BERT is so tempting, but try to restrain yourself. It is so easy to fall victim to the mispronunciation, especially when it is frequently misspelled. As for the bag...would I make it again? Possibly. I found that I had deceived myself into thinking that a smaller bag is guaranteed to be easier than a larger bag. That's just not the case. I do like the end result, but for the amount of work I'd rather make something a bit roomier, simply for the sense of accomplishment.

This bag is for a good friend who is expecting her third son this summer, and I'm certain she will benefit from the cheerful femininity of the fabrics. The exterior features a combination of Anna Maria Horner and Joel Dewberry, and the interior (not pictured) an older olive Amy Butler.

I will confess that after making my first Melly & Me pattern, I wouldn't protest if the Meadow bag pattern just happened to land on my sewing table.

I have another Birdie Sling in my basket, and then I'm hoping to begin working on a couple of other projects:

Pillowcases to replace the damaged silk pillowcases in our living room. I found some Joel Dewberry Home Dec fabric on sale at Hancock's of Paducah for $5/yard. Practically free!

Modkid Emma for Zoe's 3rd birthday. Excuse me while I sob for a minute in realization that I'm about to have a 3-year-old. I asked her today what kind of party she would like to have, and she exclaimed, "A dance party!" That's my girl.

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MUM said...

I tried to go to sleep early and it did not work, so I checked you blog for something new. YEAH!!!. good for you a new blog. I just love the purse. I think I may have to have one that size. I really like the style of it and the feminine line. Really Pretty.I can think of a few other of your friends who would love this purse, as well. Good job even though it had to age a little while before it got finished. Some garments are just like an old wine, they have to age a while before they are ready to be sent out to the world. I am looking forward to what ever it is that gets finished next.

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