14 June 2009

Sunday Morning

Twenty-four hours from now, I'll be in the midst of my colonoscopy/endoscopy/biopsy procedure. I can't say that it is something to look forward to, but I will certainly appreciate having the whole thing behind me.

This past week has been a struggle, but I do feel that things should be looking up soon. The kidlets were diagnosed with mono last week. They'd been feeling quite off, running daily fevers, and both had swollen glands. Since we were exposed to mono when we were out of town, the whole set of symptoms seemed suspicious. After some deliberation, I decided to have their pediatrician check them out just to confirm that it was nothing else. I am ultimately glad that we went, as she prepared me for the slow recovery and encouraged us to continue to let the kids rest at home as much as possible. Easier said than done.

Cabin fever has set upon me, so I squeezed in some sewing time this week. I have heard so many favorable reviews about this particular pattern, and I've had fabric in mind for it for a few months now.

The Round Neck Top by that*darn*kat can be made in a top or dress length, and features a round yoke with button closures on each shoulder. I love this summery Katie Jump Rope fabric collection by Denyse Schmidt.

I am going to come right out and say that I have never made buttonholes on this sewing machine! My mum still had some of the attachments at her house, and I just picked them up when we were there in May. Wow, let me tell you - automatic buttonholes are a piece of cake! Not the same thing as using a non-computerized (read: Dark Ages) machine at all.

My mum let me bring home her vintage button collection to play with for awhile. I remember these buttons from my childhood, and I have fond memories of peering at them and sorting them in their little case. For now the truly vintage (mostly brass) buttons are in a jar, and the "post-vintage" (70s and 80s) buttons are waiting to be sorted. I was so excited to find a set of four, perfectly matched (!) to use with this retro-inspired dress.

The jar of brass buttons in the sunny window makes a perfect headrest for Fiona.

I also found a stash of wooden spools of thread. The thread is no longer useful, but the spools make a bright and cheerful collection in my sewing area.

And a darling picture of my mum from her youth.


MUM said...

My computer is on the frits I can only log in periodicly and then it goes blank, I was so excited to finally get on-line to read you post. I was so sad to hear how hard your week was but you made me cry with the little picture of your Mama. I really think you did a wonderful job on the little dress, your stitches are impecable and you choice of fabric so great. I am so proud of you.

Noell said...

Oh wow Be, I had no idea you had so much going on! I hope the procedure went well today and that the kids get over this asap!
Love the dress (as always)!

Heather said...

What a gorgeous dress!
I hope that you are feeling better from your endoscopy and colonoscopy

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