04 June 2009

Evenings in the Garden

It has been a week since we returned home from our travels. I feel that we still have not quite come back to our daily rhythm. There are numerous reasons for this, I suppose. My abdominal pain has been getting the better of me lately. As of yesterday, after meeting with my new gastroenterologist, I'm faced with anxiety over my upcoming endoscopy and colonoscopy. I find myself ruminating about the actual procedure, and the logistics of it, and what they might find. And also, let's face it, the prep doesn't sound that fabulous either.

I did really appreciate meeting with the new doctor, who was quite personable and made me feel at ease. His concern for my needs as a nursing mom was also quite impressive, and he recommended acupuncture for pain management. I had a good discussion with him about medications for the procedure, and the safety, and he was receptive to me sending protocols from the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine to his office regarding breastfeeding after anesthesia or conscious sedation. His office has been recommending extremely conservative and frankly unnecessary pumping and dumping for 12-24 hours following procedures. I hope by providing him with the right literature, I can save some nursing moms a big hassle. As I sit here pumping at the computer, listening to the squee-oo squee-oo squee-oo of my Pump in Style, I'm thankful that I'll be able to avoid a whole day of this.

But back to matters at hand...I cannot say enough how much I am enjoying our evenings. After dinner, we have been going out to the garden to play and weed and see what is new.

I am completely in awe of Zoe's ability to fully participate in and enjoy the garden this year. And I know it only gets better, right? Tonight she planted flowers in her very own petite raised bed next to her playhouse. I probably gave her more assistance than she needed; she really was able to dig holes, put in the little bedding plants, tuck soil around them, and tamp them down. That was a proud mama moment, I must say.

Zoe planting:
Hovering, in action:

Miles looked on, screeched his approval, ate some dirt, and tried to back into the pond several times when we weren't looking. Pretty typical.

Zoe is enamored with earthworms right now, or "erfworms." Each one we find must be coddled a bit, examined, and tucked back into the dirt. I love my little gardening companion.