25 June 2009

Birthday Photos

Baba has been visiting this week, so I have not taken the time to post birthday photos yet. I finally had my CT this morning. I'm so happy to be done with testing for the time being.

Here's Miles with his new doll - he loves to hug babies and animals and pat them.

The vegan chocolate cake...not the best cake ever, but definitely worth trying again with some modifications. Pretty much anything tastes good with that much ''butter"cream frosting.

Miles really enjoyed the cake.

In the time-honored tradition of 1 year old birthdays, Miles preferred the packaging and the cards to nearly every gift. Here he dances to a musical card.


MUM said...

I love this picture of Zoe with a little chocolate cake on her face.She could not wait to get to eat some of that cake. It was so cute when she went into the dining room and looked at the cake through the glass dome cake stand, just salivating. I have a video that turned out well of Miles "dancing" to the card. He is the funniest boy.They are the sweetest choldren.

Heather said...

Looks like a great way to celebrate his birthday. Here is to another healthy, happy year ahead for all of you

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