15 May 2009

Busy Day

This morning we had another mad dash out of the house to our 8:30am ballet class. It seems that the kids never wake up after 7 except on Friday. Today Zoe slept in until the late hour of 7:30, and it took all kinds of cajoling, bribery, and outright begging to get her breakfasted, dressed, and in the car with Miles only to arrive ten minutes late. Again.

Class remains really exciting for Zoe. She has a hard time sitting still because she has so much energy. She also loves to run up to me and tell me about every little accomplishment. I think next time I'm going to sit in the observation room and see how she tolerates it. It will also prevent Miles from making mad dashes to the center of the dance floor.

Next Zoe had her first salon haircut. It was a pleasant experience, although Zoe was fairly quiet during the process.

The kids got new shoes and we had lunch at Tokyo Joe's. Zoe really dug the udon noodle bowl.

Once we got home I put the finishing touches on the ModKid Frida dress I've been working on for a couple of days. I used one of my favorite fabrics which I have been hoarding for months, just waiting for the perfect project. Overall the pattern was easy, but I did find it to be unusually constructed. Some elements, like the pockets, were a bit awkward. But the effect was perfect and the few fussy details made the garment really crisp and lovely.

The exterior fabrics are Amy Butler and the lining is a fabulous orange Kona cotton.

Zoe wasn't the most willing model today, but as you can see, the dress is a great fit. It feels like a special occasion dress to me. Fortunately we have one of those coming up soon. Zoe is going to meet her great grandmother for the first time this month. We are so looking forward to seeing our family and sharing the kids with everyone.


MUM said...

The fabric choice really echoes a Bernadette garment. The little pistol and stamen in the center of the flowers are deliciously replayed in the dots for the sleeves,very clever my dear. And of course the lining choice reflects the tiny bits of color from the flower and shines on the inside. A very cheerful dress, my dear!!!

Heather said...

It might have started off rough, but it ended so CUTE!

Noell said...

I'm so glad your kids "sleep in" once in awhile, even if it is on a day that you need to get going!
I l-o-v-e that little dress! I looked at buying the pattern but now that you said it's a bit weird at places I don't think I'm confident enough to do it!

rebecca said...

don't mean to be stalking your blog, but this dress is gorgeous!

Erin said...

I'm loving this dress! So cute . . . and your model is wearing it very well. :) I just purchased that fabric recently (thought it could be good for summer pillows in my living room, but it's far to feminine for my husband) . . . I'm looking forward to seeing which project I will end up using it for.

SugarMama said...

Thanks ladies! I just love this dress too. I have to find some other project for that fabric, maybe in another colorway.

Amy said...

Oh my goodness, that little dress is just precious! And what an accomplishment. I love the orange lining. You should be very proud!

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