27 April 2009

Just Another Manic Monday

This morning when Miles and I left the bedroom at the sprightly hour of 6am, I immediately saw through our windows the snow-covered rooftops of the homes surrounding us. Seriously?! Ultimately it was just a single layer of wet snow that has mostly melted away already. But it has somewhat dampened spirits around here today. It's 3:15pm and the kids and I are still half-pajamaed. I'm currently trying to muster up the energy to make a sparky roasted chile pepper and potato soup. Certainly fitting for the soggy cloudy weather, but buttered popcorn by a roaring fire sounds more fun.

This weekend I stitched up a quick pair of ruffled capris for Zoe. Now that I've worked this pattern before, it whips up in a very short time. I can definitely see making quite a few more of these. I also sewed on my first little clothing label. Now at least it will be easier for Jesse to tell the front from the back of her pants. At least easier than me saying "Oh, the back is right there honey, where you can see the little backstitch under the elastic casing."


Heather said...

Seriously, my heart stopped beating when I saw your fabric stash. Um, jealousy does not BEGIN to describe how I feel right now.

So, the name on the label, is that yours? Are we starting our own company (please say yes :))

Adriana said...

Half pajamaed at 3:15pm? That's doing pretty well in my world!

Noell said...

Oh my word, I am so envious of all your fabric and it's organized too!! We need a pic of the pants as modeled by Zoe, they look like they'd be adorable!

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