08 December 2008


Poor Miles. Someday he will have to come back to some archaic archive of this blog if he is curious about his childhood. There is really nowhere else I have been chronicling his milestones, temperament, and daily doings.

So it is important to note here that Miles has suddenly learned to sit up on his own. He is a very persistent boy when he is learning anything new, and he's not very hesitant about trying new skills. After just a few short days of me propping him to sit, he is sitting with only infrequent toppling. Generally he only falls when he is lunging for a toy just out of his reach. Or trying to catch his favorite thing - the cat. Miles and the cat have a mutual friendship. Laka is desperate for any attention and therefore is mostly tolerant of Miles pulling his fur, his tail, and generally beating on him.

Zoe has made the transition to her new room with great ease. She has been sleeping on a futon on the floor in the bedroom with Miles and I for so long now, and her sleep has been disrupted the last month or so from Miles's waking due to teething. So we moved my office into the loft, and the guest bed into the smaller bedroom, and set up Zoe's new room. She slept so well in there for her first naps that we moved her to sleeping in there at night after just a few days. She loves it! So much space for her things and a safe place for her thoughts. The next steps are organizing the loft and the new guest room, and switching the closets. I think it would actually be easier to MOVE than to accomplish this task. Look for more updates over the next few weeks. Who am I kidding? Maybe next December we will be finished.

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Mum said...

I love this picture of the children with their Daddy. This picture gives a little peek into the sweet soul of Jesse. He is a most generous Daddy with his children and it is beautiful to see him with them

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