22 November 2008

cardboard box fun and a trip to the museum

Here are a few pictures I'm catching up on from weeks past. Jesse let me sleep in one morning and I came downstairs to the kids playing house in this cardboard box.

Miles shows off his two teeth which arrived the Sunday and Monday after he turned four months old. He now has four more swollen bumps on his upper gums causing much misery in our house. I was certain we'd have those teeth by now but they're taking their sweet time.

A couple of weekends ago we went to the Denver Art Museum. Zoe's favorite part was an interactive bubble exhibit. Projectors in the ceiling scattered images of bubbles all over the floor which popped into many smaller bubbles when they were stepped on. Zoe worked up a sweat running around and jumping all over them. If only we could get one of these in our home.

Miles spent most of the time in the sling.

A glass-enclosed bridge over the street leads from the old museum to the new wing and provides some interesting views.

The coffee shop in the museum had blocks reflecting some of the architecture of the buildings surrounding the museum.

Another children's exhibit had animal costumes.

My tired boys.


Heather said...

This all looks like a lot of fun!

Mum said...

Miles can sleep anywhere, what a sweetheart. The bubbles at the museum are such a creative idea.

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