06 September 2008

The Second Birthday Party

This post will be heavy on pictures and light on content. I doubt I'll hear any complaints from our faithful readers.
Here are Zoe and Nana blowing up balloons. Zoe mostly wanted them blown up so she could beg you to let go of the balloon and send it whizzing around the room.
Here is the dining room ready and waiting for guests to arrive.

Here is Miss Zoe watching the first guests through the front door.

Jesse and Miles

Pretty cupcakes

Mia brought Zoe a fairy garden.

Zoe was a bit wary of the whole candle thing.

Mia and Bridget shared a chair and Jacob and Elwood enjoyed their special cupcakes.

Lots of friends celebrated on Zoe's behalf.

Ben admiring Miles's famous hair...

Zoe and Bridget both got the memo about turning two.

The family.

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Heather said...

This was such a fun birthday party. Thank you for having us!

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