16 September 2008

2 year and 11 week stats

I just realized that I failed to update everyone on the kids' stats when we went to their joint well visit about two weeks ago. Zoe weighed 25 lbs., 11 oz. She is still less than the 50% in weight but up from less than 25% last time when we were having so much trouble getting her to eat. So the pediatrician was very pleased. She is 34.5 inches, so on the tall side for her age.

Miles weighed 13 lbs., 13 oz. and was 25.5 inches long, off the chart for height. Something about our genes together makes really tall babies. I guess that explains why some of his 3-6 months pajamas are too short for him already. In other news, Miles has a little sacral dimple, which we have been aware of for awhile. It is generally nothing to be concerned about, but combined with a few other factors, the doctor wanted us to get an ultrasound and xray of his spine to rule out spina bifida. So last Friday we headed to Children's Hospital in Denver for Miles's tests.

The Children's Hospital was SO SO nice. The facility is beautiful. I’m glad that’s where Emma (Grace's sister) is getting her treatment because I know she’s getting the best possible care there. They had little red wagons for the kids and all of their stuff to ride in, which Zoe loved. It made it easier to get from one thing to another. All the staff commented on Miles’s little mohawk and he made sure to flirt with everyone. Zoe was given a big sister bracelet, tons of stickers, and no one rushed us when we were dragging all the junk around. They just seem to accomodate families with kids. Zoe, of course, had to use every single kid-sized toilet we encountered.

Fortunately his tests came out clear. We are so relieved.