02 July 2008

In Which the saga of my tooth continues

This morning I got in to see the dentist regarding my tooth. I'm about fed up with the pain and I hate that it's affecting my enjoyment of my new little guy. So mom and I packed up the kiddos and hauled them to the dentist to see if there is anything that could be done. He poked around a little and gave me a script for vicodin. Sigh. I hope I can hang on until Tuesday when I get a root canal. Mom had a great time showing off the baby and Zoe to the front desk staff.

Zoe is getting really skilled with her pronouns. She's added sentences like "I do it myself!" and "I want yours, Mama!" It seemed to happen overnight, really, along with her sudden inclination to walk down the steps on her own. It's best for me not to watch this too often. I stand at the top of the stairs and listen for the sound of her little hand sliding along the wall for support and hope for the best.